The West Jeff Middle School Year book 2011


The three photos below were taken at the end of Karen's presentation, after she asked them if she could count on them. She heard a resounding "Yes!" and then she said, "If I can count on you, please stand so that I may take your photograph and remember you. I am counting on YOU to make a difference." They all stood, the entire school was in attendance, and it was wonderful.
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This is Karen Z. Brass with her father, David Zauder, and the teacher responsible for arranging the event at West Jefferson Middle School, Michelle Kelly, 7th Grade Language Arts- Comets, in Conifer,CO. The Standupster® presentation was given by Brass on 2/9/11. This was only the fourth time her father joined her at the end of her speaking engagement, out of over 300 presentations she's given. He answered the students questions at the end of her 2 hour presentation. More photos below.



Below are three of the photos taken at West Jefferson Middle School during a Standupster®Presentation on 2/9/11 after Brass asked, "Please stand if I can count on you." More Photos are on the following Testimonial pages.

West Jefferson Middle School gave the

Standupster  Presentation a two page spread in their Yearbook 2011!