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Afterwards, my father spoke with many of the Middleschoolers, even showed them his tattoo from Auschwitz.
He was asked to give autographs as well.

Dear Karen,

I had to put into writing how your presentation on your father's life impacted my 8th grader. I have never heard her react to something so passionately. She retells it to anyone who will listen.She shared with me how she reacted with a combination of goosebumps, tears and awe. She tells me many of her friends had similar reactions, though I suspect my daughter was especially moved. She doesn't impress easily, so it caught me off guard that she was so intrigued. You must be one heck of a speaker! You kept the interest of a whole lot of kids who are by their very age, so far removed from the events of WWII. Thank you so much for coming to West Jeff. Middle School and sharing your training on The Holocaust. WE ALL MUST NEVER FORGET.  Sincerely,  Cathy D. Parent

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Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Karen Z. Brass





This is totally awesome!!! I am so blessed to know and love you so well. Wow. You are an amazing woman who is an inspiration to us all. You never stop. Love, Audrey F.

Dear Mrs. Brass,

Thank you so much for coming to our school and teaching us about the Holocaust. It is remarkable that he, your father, is one of the 5% that actually survived. Your presentation has given me a whole new perspective on bullying, scapegoating, and prejudice because one time I was kind of jumping in on bullying a kid and I will never ever do that again in my entire life. I will never be a bystander again also. ..." Ben, Middle School

Sharing Holocaust Awareness at West Jeff. Middle School
My father, Mr. David Zauder, answers questions at the end of my StandupstersTM presentation.

Dear Karen,

I have watched your DVD presentation several times.  Each time, I learn more.  Each time I am inspired. I read the whole website.  I think it is more than well organized. It is user friendly. It is also touching, humbling, and inspiring. The pictures of your grandparents and their stories always touch me, and move me. Knowing they are two of millions even more so. It makes it intimate, thus disturbing, provocative and life changing.   I think so often we distance ourselves from how powerfully intimate violence is.  I love how you are advocating and teaching others for what is right against all that is wrong. Your father's advice to never let anyone intimidate you, to learn something new daily, to not lose your sense of wonder, to do something kind to others echoes inside me and serves as an inspiration in my daily work and life.   Your courage to advocate for your father, to be a witness to the intimate impact of the power of human suffering not only for his generation but for ours and our children's is awe inspiring.  I know how much work this takes, and what an emotional toll it can play on being an advocate. Human cruelty is real and tangible.  I see its impact every day of my life. I love what you have done and are doing, not just for the second generation, but how you honor those who lived through and died at the hands of such horrible atrocities.

Douglas Hahn LPCC, LICDC, LSW.

Dear Mrs. Brass,

Our Advise Class was at your presentation, on February 9th, 2011 at West Jeff Middle school. Thank you for donating your time and thank you to your father for coming to our school in person and answering questions after your presentation. Judging from the number of raised hands, there were a lot of students who were not only listening, but also wanting to look more deeply into his experiences. Below are some clips of the students' response cards. Sincerely, Kathy F.Teacher from West Jeff Middle School

"I thought that it was a very cool presentation. I thought it was so cool to see how one man can make it through such tough times on his own. It was a very heart-warming experience and I learned a lot from it. It was a good talk about how we make decisions in life and how we decide who we are. I really liked the assembly today, I thought it was awesome!"


"Dear Mrs. Brass,

Your presentation I found wonderful and quite touching. Your father's story was very amazing, the fact that he could survive that long without his family, without friends, without barely any food and sometimes without shoes. Now that I have heard your amazing speech, I will do some things different, that I've never done before. I will no longer be a bystander. Your amazing speech taught me a lot. I hope you continue to go to many other different schools and teach a lot more people about this heart-breaking, heart-stopping story. It would be an amazing book!  I wish you and your father and the rest of your family good luck through the rest of your lives.~Theresa

"After watching your Standupter DVD, I was so moved afterwards that I could not write any feedback to you then. I watched the film with my husband and both of us were very, very impressed. Firstly, with the whole story of your father's family. Secondly, with the professionalism you did this lecture and the whole meeting with the pupils. You are amazing! We were also admiring your father's attitude and his answers to the questions.
I hope that one day you come back to Poland to give the speeches to students here! I think that's one of the best places to speak about tolerance and anti-semitism. And I could not imagine a better person than you to do this job."

*** Written by Mirka Gluck, a Second Generation Holocaust Survivor in Lodz, Poland who discovered she is of Jewish Heritage only two years ago, in 2009, when her mother finally shared her hidden secret.