Wristbands are available as part of my speakers fee

as well as Standupster posters, for your organization.

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Programs and Classes are available for scheduling by completing the information below. For more details, please go to my "Contact Us" page to make a more detailed submission.  "Standupster ©" presentations as well as other formats are available. Read the information below for details on available presentations available. Please be specific as to what you and your organization are looking for and your time frame, as well as your budget.

I can bring my Standupster® poster, for the students to sign, as a promise to themselves and to their community of their understanding of personal responsibility. Posters are available at cost.

Mrs. Brass has Standupster®  posters available for order to bring to each speaking engagement. The posters are used to

allow students to sign them and pledge to be a Standupster® following her presentation.  

The posters remain at your school's location to serve as a daily reminder to students not to act as bystanders or allow for the mistreatment of their peers. Wristbands are also available for ordering per student as well. 

Speaking at Colorado  University Boulder as their opening speaker for Holocaust Awareness week.

Karen Z. Brass is an internationally recognized Professional Holocaust Education Public Speaker, and Second-Generation Holocaust Survivor. She has 30 years of experience working with public and private schools, and other venues, with presentations made to branches of the U.S. Military, including Peterson Air Force Base, NORAD, and NASA, as well as Fort Carson. Recently she was invited to speak on an education panel in Warsaw, Poland, at the 23rd Annual Conference of World Federation of Jewish Child Holocaust Survivors and Descendants, again in Cleveland, Ohio at the 24th Conference, at the 25th Conference in Las Vegas, and in 2014 she traveled for the conference again in Berlin, Germany for the 26th Conference she is also an invited speaker to Bunde, Germany, their High School and to The Society for Holocaust Awareness and Action Group. Mrs. Brass is now serving on The Governing Board of The World Federation of Jewish Child Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants.

Brass offers innovative Power Point Programs for Middle School and High School students which are customized for 1 hour, 2 hour or 2-1/2 hour presentations, age-appropriate for each, using full audience participation. Brass’ unique ability to connect with young people in delivering a program which focuses on Holocaust Awareness and Education, personal accountability, and an anti-bullying campaign, has received praise and recognition from school administrators, teachers and students. She shares the story of her Father’s survival in the Krakow Ghetto, and in four concentration camps. She weaves in the history of the Holocaust while connecting with students and providing the message that they choose to accept personal accountability for making good decisions within their own schools, and throughout their lives. Through audience participation, Brass asks students to be a  Standupster®and not to be bystanders, and to understand the power they have in making decisions which affect the quality of the lives of their fellow students.

Brass includes the use of a large “I Am a Standupster®poster which students are asked to sign following her presentations, to demonstrate their commitment to not be bystanders within their schools. The poster remains on-site to remind students that they have the ability to hold themselves to a higher level of personal accountability. She has created silicone rubber Standupster®wristbands which students are drawn to wearing. The wristbands can be purchased and provided to students by the school, or can be offered at the end of the presentation, directly to students for a small fee. Following her presentation, Brass provides a list of questions to teachers to be utilized by their students in providing a thank you letter to her, additionally getting school credit. The students explain how they were personally affected by her  Standupster®program. According to principals and teachers, these letters create a connection between students and Brass, and assist in reducing incidents of bullying within schools and dramatically increase school spirit and pride. It also offers Common Core Standards to be met.