It was a personal pilgrimage, a trip to discover

my Father's roots, his life before the Holocaust.

It was a success! Thank you to those who

helped me by sending in financial support, and

yes; I am still accepting funding to help offset my

costs for future WFCHSD Conference trips.


I had the honor and privilege of having my Family's Memorial Plaque placed in the New Jewish Midowa Cemetery in Krakow, Poland.

The President of The Jewish Community of Krakow, Tadeusz Jakubowicz, arranged it for me! He also

met with me and helped me research family history.

I am standing on a bridge which is in front of the newly constructed Slashi bridge, for walking civilians only. It was on this bridge that my father watched as the Nazis marched across it to meet with the then Krakow Mayor, who welcomed them.

The bridge is named

Slashi, pronounced "Shaloshki".

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The World Federation Of Child Holocaust Survivors And Their Descendants 23rd  Annual Conference was well attended by local Polish Jews and newly self-discovered Jews, as well as those of us who wait patiently all year to rejoin our mishpocha, our family, at this annual conference. This was my 8th year attending this inspirational and emotional conference. I was honored by being chosen to be on an Education Panel, speaking on how I share Holocaust Education with others and how and why I have had such great success with my Holocaust Awareness and anti-bullying program; Standupster®.

     I met and spoke with Jacek Michalowski, the Head of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, as well as the Mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. I also spoke with Rabbi Michael Shudrich, the Chief Rabbi of Poland, who was born in Queens, New York.

     Being on The Education Panel at this conference, sharing how I teach the Lessons of The Holocaust was a great honor. I shared alongside Charles Silow, PhD; Director Program for Holocaust Survivors and Families/Jewish Senior Life of Metropolitan Detroit, Sanja Zoricic Tabakovic; Judge in the Republic of Croatia, and Norm Conrad; Executive Director of Lowell Milken Center, Kaja Zalewska; Principal Coordinator of Liaison Officers of the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

     I also traveled to many Jewish sites, one of which was Auschwitz. We were treated as VIP's, and after the tour, we were met by the Adminstrative Director of the Auschwitz Museum and spent valued time with him, along with many Holocaust survivors and my Second-Generation family.

The Yad Vashem ceremony to recognize the Righteous—Polish families who had risked their lives and families to save the lives of Jewish people—we all were reminded that good can triumph over evil, when people make difficult choices. The Israel ambassador, Zvi Rav-Ner, spoke about those choices, and stated that there is a universal lesson in what these people did.

“They made the right choices even though it was so painful… Today we honor those human beings that we have to respect and honor forever. ..Yet not everyone saved people and not everyone could, but there were those who made the honorable decision. When we ask why not everyone did that, [why] there were collaborators…when we ...must also put this question to ourselves…would you have risked your own lives and the lives of your family to risk to save a neighbor or friend or even a stranger? These people have done it, and we are forever in debt to them and their families… The message for the future is universal—to prevent such situations anywhere, God forbid that we get into such situations… These people give us hope that we can still believe in people."

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The  programm about the August Conference in Warsaw will be in Polish TV - channel 2.

I saw your interview and was pleased to share with my family that I knew you! You spoke very well!
It was a full documentary done on our World Federation of Child Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants. Wonderful!