David Zauder is pleased to offer his

"David Zauder Plays Just For Fun" here.

The inside and the front cover are below,

and the CD itself contains the content selections.

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Buy my father's CD, "David Zauder Plays Just For Fun" here or go to my "Contact Us" page to schedule your organization's presentation and obtain pricing. Go to "Programs and Classes" page to read about the presentations now offered by Brass.

The CD made above is a re-make from the earlier one my father did

in the 1970's. I am asked for copies of his CD, "David Zauder Plays Just for Fun" at every Standupster presentation I conduct, because I share his music with the students. We developed an opportunity for others to enjoy some of his music, through this CD. In addition to the hundreds of Cleveland Orchestra recordings he has done in his 40 plus years as a classical musician.


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Can I Count On You llc. presents: "David Zauder Plays Just For fun" CDs

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$28.00 total.


Please specify in your comment section it is the CD you want. Sometimes the browser automatically states it's the DVD. Out of country orders are $15 extra.


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Check out Ryan Anthony's web site at


to see what successes and recordings he has done. As my father's protege', he is currently first Trumpet with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and very successful in his own right. I am truly grateful for his sharing on the inside cover of my father's CD.

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To purchase the Holocaust Survivor Cookbook, $29.95 plus $8.00 shipping and handling, as seen on OPRAH, in which I am a contributor publishing my Father's story, as well as my Grandmother's Potato Soup recipe, click on the button above. Each of the stories focus on the will to live, and the ability to survive and to savor life to the fullest! Every day IS a miracle! The Second Edition of Meals and Miracles is out now as well, where I was a contributor of my Uncle Solomon's Holocaust story.