Peterson Air Force Base "Space Observer" publication,

"People Reminded by Holocaust Day,"

Guest Speaker Karen Z. Brass, 2006,

volume 50 No. 15

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It was such a pleasure  for Brass  to be called upon to share her Father's story of survival, immigration to the U.S.A. and his story of success. He was liberated by General Patton's 3rd Army Tank Division at the end of April 1945, the end of the Auschwitz Death March.
The following year 2007, Brass and her  husband  brought her father, on his birthday, to tour the facility and speak. Facilitated once again, by MSgt Lashly Speights, with great thanks!
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Days of Remembrance at Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, CO

Brass was the honorary guest Speaker on April 25th, 2006. She gave two presentations, speaking both to the Peterson Air Force Base personnel and officials, and then to NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain NASA personnel.

The Program was professional and well attended. In order of appearance in the program were; Ch Jon Runnels, MSgt Lashly Speights, Mr. Louis Steinberg, Ch Brian Hunter, Col Stephen Tanous and Ch Robert Ward were all present and involved.


 Posters of Brass' Father, as a NYMA Graduate and 1st Sgt. in the United States Army were proudly displayed on the stage as she spoke. He enlisted and served at West Point.

MSgt Lashly Speights was both Brass and her husband's official tour guide through NORAD and Cheyenne Mountain. Both of them needed to obtain special clearance to be taken into such a facility. What an honor!
After Karen Z. Brass spoke, she was honored with flowers and awarded honorary medallions from the Air Force, The Army, and from NASA.