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Jewish Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide: On May 1st, 2011, Karen Z. Brass spoke alongside Ken Touryan, a Second- Generation survivor of The Armenian Genocide. Of his entire family, only his father and aunt survived. Hitler is known to have based his decision to recreate the Armenian genocide with the Jews, because NO ONE CAME TO THEIR AID AND NO ONE WAS HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THOSE WHO MURDERED SUCH A LARGE NUMBER OF A PEOPLE.

"Out of the Ashes" represented many things to many people present at this wonderful service, which was attended by 100 individuals representing  both congregations.

Everyone from both congregations stood in line to light the candles representing all of those who lost their lives due to hatred, intolerance and evil. There was beautiful music playing and everyone felt the intense desire to live in a world filled with peace, forgiveness, love and understanding.

Ken Touryan and I stood for a photo opportunity while we all enjoyed desserts and coffee, tea and togetherness. We are moving forward with hope for a better tomorrow based upon all of our personal actions of standing up for what we know is right today Standupster®continues.

Beautiful music was shared from both congregations during this Service of Rememberance and honoring those whose lives were lost due to murder. Psalms 121 and 103 were played twice as their musical renditions were different, but both had roots for both groups within them. The lives of many in both congregations were touched by this history, from both what Karen Z. Brass shared from her Father's experiences in the Holocaust, and from what Ken Touryan shared through his Father's and Aunt's experiences and how they were  affected as well.