FORT CARSON "Days Of Remembrance"

April 16, 2012. and April 28th, 2014.

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My father was very pleased that the 4th Infantry Division

shared their brass band

during the program, and he

enjoyed speaking with them.

Standing near the entrance of Fort Carson, filled my heart with pride while my husband and my father were there supporting me
My daughter, Shannah was with me in 2014 when I was honored to speak again.
I was interviewed prior to my 2014 presentation.

Fort Carson Equal Opportunity Program presented the theme: Choosing to Act: Stories of Rescue. Their Days of Remembrance program was wonderfully executed and fully participated in by all high level staff, including Major General Joseph Anderson, my host.

It was an honor to be given such a distinguished award from Major General Joseph Anderson.

Seen here; Major General Joseph Anderson, David Zauder, Karen Z. Brass and her husband, David Brass.