Standupster DVD's have been distributed

throughout the USA, and in Poland,

Sweden, Australia, Germany, Canada and

the UK. 


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Buy either of my two DVD's here, or contact me to schedule your organization's presentation and obtain pricing.

The DVD directly above was made at a High School where, for the 5th and final time, my father joined me after my Standupster® presentation to answer student's questions. Due to their age, I was able to share deeper content than I was in the Middle School Presentation, at the top of this website page. Both Standupster®Presentations had my father present , at the end, answering student's questions.


I was a contributor in the World Renown Holocaust Survivor Cookbook. Read about my father's heroic survival of his Holocaust experiences in the world famous Holocaust Survivor Cookbook, featured on Oprah! Purchase your copy below;

Can I Count On You llc. presents two age appropriate presentations

of Standupster® DVD Programs.


Both of these DVDs include dialogue between students and David Zauder, at the end of Brass' Standupster® Presentations.


Choose from either the High School

or Middle School version:

$20 plus $8 tax, shipping & handling $28.00 total.


*Add an extra $15 for out of the country orders, use the donate button on the "Contact Us" page to pay the additional $15 charge.


*For an additional $10.00  donated on our "Contact Us" page, you can receive the 10 Lesson Plans that accompany the DVD you choose.


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To purchase the Holocaust Survivor Cookbook, my father's story or The 2nd Edition, Miracles & Meals with my Uncle's story. Please specify which one you wish to purchase at $49.95 plus $8.00 shipping and handling, $57.95 total. As seen on OPRAH, within both books I am a contributor, publishing my Father's story, as well as my Grandmother's Potato Soup recipe, and my Uncle Solomon Zauder's story and recipe. My uncle saved my father's life multiple times! Click on the button above. Each of the stories focus on the will to live, and the ability to survive and to savor life to the fullest! Every day IS a miracle!