"I Am A Standupster" A Second-Generations' personal Account by the Daughter of Holocaust Survivor,

David Zauder.

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About the Book – Karen Z. Brass


I am a Standupster, A Second-Generation Survivor’s Account, by the Daughter of David Zauder, is the first-ever biography of Internationally Acclaimed Holocaust and Anti-bullying Educator and Speaker, Karen Zauder Brass. Her book is a very rare exploration into the effects of being raised by a parent who suffered the inhumanity of genocide and its unimaginable costs.


Brass comes out of the shadows and openly expresses what so few Second-Generation Survivors are willing to discuss. The deep injury to their survivor parent’s psyches cannot simply be put aside and has deep and lasting effects on their children. From her earliest years, Brass was fully aware of who her surviving parent needed her to be. This is a book of deep introspection that also shares the Author’s path to self-acceptance, happiness, and her powerful desire to make changes in our world by educating audiences, one human being at a time, to not stand by and allow for the suffering of others; To be a Standupster®.


Brass provides the descriptive background of her Father, David Zauder’s survival of the Krakow Ghetto and four concentration camps including Auschwitz. His survival of a true hell on Earth, and his success in emigrating from Poland, after his liberation by General Patton’s 3rd Army Tank Division, then travel from Germany to America and becoming one of this country’s leading cornet and trumpet players will inspire you and touch your heart.


For educators, Brass weaves her Father’s story into a groundbreaking international anti-bullying campaign which has been experienced by thousands of Middle and High School aged students, adults, and hundreds of high-ranking military officials. Acclaimed by educators, principals and parents alike, Brass’ Standupster® presentations and campaign has been effective in reducing bullying in schools because it provides a rallying cry for everyone to never stand by in the face of hatred, bigotry, and injustice;  the program calls on the audience to use personal responsibility and moral leadership to rise together as being a Standupster® to stop the bullying.

Featured Author

Karen Z. Brass

Karen Z. Brass is the daughter of David Zauder, a Holocaust Survivor. Detained in the Krakow Ghetto and enslaved in multiple concentration camps including the Plaszow work camp, Auschwitz, Flossenburg and Sachsenhausen, David was ultimately forced to take the Death March from Auschwitz. Zauder’s story is not simply that of a victim. His survival, liberation, immigration to the United States, and life accomplishments lift students up and allow them to draw strength from within themselves, so they become part of the solution to the bullying taking place in their environments.

Karen weaves her Father’s impressive story into an engaging presentation available to schools, churches, educational groups, and even the military. With hundreds of presentations given in multiple countries, Karen has inspired others to stand up against apathy, ignorance, and disinterest. Her cry for courage is a call to action none can resist.

Brass believes no person should ever stand silent in the face of cruelty and hatred. Her message reveals the true consequence of standing by in the face of discrimination and exposes the lie that bystanders have no culpability in crimes of hate. From Karen’s passion and her father’s story, the Standupster movement was born.

In her novel, I Am a Standupster, A Second-Generation Holocaust Survivor’s Account by the Daughter of David Zauder, Karen Zauder Brass confronts the horrors of her father’s Holocaust ordeal and the result on multiple generations of the Zauder family. From her Standupster program to the gripping pages of her first book, Karen’s mission to eliminate hate and the excuse of standing by resonates with people of all generations and cultures.
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