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 “To remember is not enough. We must all teach our children tolerance 

and understanding, both at home and at school. We all must make it clear that hate is never right and love is never wrong.”

– Roman Kent, Holocaust survivor and USC Shoah Foundation Board Member


Karen Z. Brass is the President of Can I Count On You llc. Through her Holocaust Awareness and Anti-Bullying program, she promotes being a

Standupster®, not a bystander. As a Second-Generation Holocaust Survivor herself, Karen focuses on educating students in the school environment on how to be personally responsible for their behavior, and to demonstrate pride within their school community.


You can purchase a High School, or Middle School DVD of her    Standupster® presentations through her " DVD Purchases" section.


In addition to speaking regularly in school settings, she has spoken in many venues regarding her Second-Generation Holocaust Survivor experience.


Her DVD's were produced by Jim Floyd, friend, staunch supporter and extraordinarily talented media guru! He is the owner of Altitude Media Productions, and you can find him at . Many of the photographs on this website were taken by Greg McBoat of McBoat Photography. Many thanks for his superior quality photographs and kindness, as well as his commitment to the cause.

"My father is very supportive of my sharing his personal story of both survival and success in America. He knows the education of our youth is invaluable in these areas and will make a huge difference in their future as well as in the futures of all the lives they touch going forward, being a Standupster®. Karen Z. Brass

Brass' daughter is a Third Generation Holocaust Survivor. She is seen here with her GrandDad, David Zauder. His arm, which was tattooed by the Nazis at Auschwitz, is visible. The Nazis tried to intimidate him, remove his identity and challenge who he was and what principles and priorities he stood for. They did not succeed and he has passed these principles and priorities down two additional generations.