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"Trauma Filters Through", A Second Generation Personal Account by the Daughter of Holocaust Survivor, David Zauder

"Trauma Filters Through is ultimately a love story of the truest and purest kind. Despite the most indescribable evil ever imagined, this book will have a very intimate impact on the human heart In the end, the love shared in her family was the music that endured." Doug Hahn 

What happens to a family when the first generation has suffered intense trauma and lives with PTSD?How can a family recover and move on from irrational bullying and hatred today?

 Karen Z. Brass believes no one should ever stand silent in the face of hatred. While sharing her father's story of survival from the Holocaust, she weaves in her thoughts concerning what it means to be a bystander who by their inaction contributes to the abuse. Brass believes that one must eliminate discrimination, as it is cruel, irrational, and only flourishes when bystanders are present and do not act. Brass promotes being a Standupster, working to eliminate bullying in today's school environments, work environments and other community centers. She began her web site, and her facebook page of the same name to make what she teaches more accessible to teachers, parents, students and communities alike. Hatred of others' differences must be stopped; together we are stronger because of our unique differences. She also teaches why it is important to put an end to stereotyping, selecting scapegoats, and the proliferation of racism and prejudice.


Brass' goal in writing "Trauma Filters Through" is to share her personal history of being the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and to explore how the trauma is passed down through multiple generations. This is why our history is important; it affects all of us, and the ripple effect is both deep and wide. It is our responsibility to bear witness to the past and drive change through evolved thinking, by taking actions to prevent continuing genocides and abusive behavior in our future.