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In Memory of David Zauder

 September 14th, 1928-April 16th, 2013,

I published my book, "I Am a Standupster"

A Second Generation's Personal Account by the Daughter of Holocaust Survivor,

David Zauder.

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 The wristbands are black and white, representing right from wrong, as most moral dilemas present themselves. However, there is grey when you mix black and white together. Sometimes the grey must be guarded against when making decisions by using perspective taking tools I teach through my presentaions.

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Karen Z. Brass is an internationally recognized Professional Holocaust Education Public Speaker, and the daughter of a Holocaust Survivor. Brass has 30+ years of experience working with public and private schools, and other venues, with presentations made to branches of the U.S. Military, including Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson, NORAD, and NASA. She was invited to speak on an education panel in Warsaw, Poland, at the 26th Annual Conference of The World Federation of Holocaust Child Survivors and Descendants, and again in Cleveland, Ohio, and Las Vegas, Nevada, and again in 2014 in Berlin, Germany. Over 375 Survivors and descendants from 16 countries participated in Germany and Brass spoke in Bunde, Germany following the conference as well.

 She was asked to join the Executive Board of the Conference, which was a huge honor, by the Vice President, Sir Max Arpels Lezer. She attended in 2015 in Houston, Los Angeles in 2016 and will be attending and presenting in Israel in 2017.

Brass offers innovative Power Point Programs for Middle School and High School and university students which are customized for 1 hour, 2 hour or 2-1/2 hour presentations, age-appropriate for each. Brass’s unique ability to connect with young people in delivering a program which focuses on Holocaust Awareness and Education, personal accountability, and an anti-bullying and Leadership campaign, has received praise and recognition from school administrators, teachers and students. Brass shares the story of her Father’s survival in the Krakow Ghetto, and in four concentration camps. She weaves in the history of the Holocaust while connecting with students and providing the message that they choose to accept personal accountability for making good decisions within their own schools, and throughout their lives. Through audience participation, Brass asks students to be Standupsters and not bystanders, and to understand the power they have in making decisions which affect the quality of life of their fellow students. Utilizing the Common Core Standard, she requests thank you letters from the students, assisting them in having personal connections to the lessons she teaches about the Holocaust and her father's miraculous survival.

The program teaches people to take personal responsibility in eliminating discrimination of all kinds; race, creed, religion, beliefs, physical disabilities, learning differences, mental disabilities and sexual orientation. She has impacted and inspired tens of thousands of people in public and private schools, community events and to our esteemed military.

She is a published author of “I Am a Standupster”, sold world-wide since 2012.

Brass includes the use of a large Standupster poster which students are asked to sign, to demonstrate their commitment to not be bystanders within their schools. The poster remains on-site to remind students that they have the ability to hold themselves to a higher level of personal accountability. Brass has created silicone rubber Standupster bracelets which students are drawn to. Bracelets can be purchased and provided to students by the school, or can be offered at the end of the presentation, directly to students for a small fee. Brass provides a list of questions for teachers to ask of their students, who then write her thank you letters explaining what the presentation meant to them and how they were personally affected by the program, making this a Common Core Standard Curriculum experience. According to principals and teachers, this literacy piece that allows connection between students and the speaker, assists in reducing incidents of bullying within schools and dramatically increases school spirit and pride.   

To contact Mrs. Karen Brass to schedule a speaking engagement, go to

. Contact Us page.  To order her CD, DVD or Book, go to Order CD page or  call 303-816-4005.



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Why Holocaust Education is important? Because Genocide continues and hatred is taught.




Brass also conducts many customized types of speeches for Kristallnacht, Genocide, Graduations, National Honors Society inductions, A Day Without Hate programs as well as tolerance and sensitivity speeches for small businesses and corporations. Custom programs can run from 30 minutes to one or two hours long. Her interactive Standupster® presentations, with Powerpoint slide show, also allows for additional student Q & A during and afterwards.

Please contribute to our cause. Your contribution will be used to provide a free   Standupster®Presentation to a school currently unable to pay Brass' speakers fee. Contribute to allow us to provide free copies of the DVD Presentation to school libraries, to fund  Standupster®Leadership Programs, and to raise awareness of anti-discrimination and anti-bullying through Holocaust Awareness. Contribute to help the funding of Brass' future trips, like her 2011 trip to attend the Annual World Conference in Warsaw, Poland, where she was an invited educational panel speaker during the 23rd World Federation Of Child Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants Conference. She visited her father's home in Krakow, and Auschwitz. She documented her trip and uses the new photos in her current presentations. This experience has also added to the number of types of presentations she is able to offer. 2014 will bring Brass to Berlin for the 26th Annual WFCHSD Conference. She will be presenting there as well as in Netzwerk, Germany following the Conference. Brass has been a professional speaker at military Days of Remembrances programs, graduations as well as National Honors Society Induction Ceremonies.


Your contribution to "Can I Count on You llc" may be tax-deductible and you will receive your receipt through Paypal.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead


Can I Count On You llc

Karen Z. Brass, Founder and President

P.O. Box 499

Pine, Colorado, 80470


Phone: 303-816-4005


Go to "DVD Purchases" section to order your copy of Brass'  Standupster® presentation in either the Middle School or High School format.
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